The Steps to Creating a Great Logo

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Ok, so you want to create a logo for your business that is attractive and looks professional. You want to keep it simple, but also make it something a little bit unique. The logo should represent your business well and have meaning to it. Whenever someone looks at your logo, they think of your business right away. To accomplish all of the things that a logo is meant to do, there are steps that you will need to take in order to create the perfect logo.

The Steps to Creating a Great Logo

The first step is to talk with your business partners or employees if you have any. They can give you some valuable tips to making a great logo, and even if their advice isn’t perfect, it is still better to get some advice rather than none at all. If you are creating the business yourself and don’t really have anyone to discuss it with other than the designer, then try looking at other businesses like yours. Their logos should clue you into the things that could work in your design and will definitely give you a clue as to what not to use in your logo.

The next step in creating a great logo is to look around in the industry that you are entering. Look at who your main customers will be. Are they teenagers or are they adults with homes and families. Your logo should appeal to your main market. If it’s a mix of all ages, then create a logo that is modern enough but still retains an older feel to it that can appeal to the different customers you will serve. But don’t just focus on the age. Look at the things that happen in your industry as well. What are some of the trends that have stuck around in the industry for quite some time? Identify what people think of when they hear the name of the industry your business is set in and work off of that.

Next is to think about what your logo is going to put on. Is it going to put on work trucks, shirts, stickers, or maybe just the front of your store. Whatever the case may be, you need to design your logo in a way that will fit all of the applications that your logo will be used for. If the logo needs to be designed in a compact way, then be sure to keep it simple and confined to a limited area and shape.

Next comes the sketching and drafting for the design. If you are creating the logo yourself, just grab some graph paper and get to work just drawing out some designs that you think fit your business. If someone else is designing it for you, just let them do the sketching, and you can later choose which ones look best.

The last step is to simply refine the look of the logo, maybe give it some nice shading or a 3D look and you’re all set. Be sure to test the logo on all of the applications that your logo will be used for. If it doesn’t quite fit, then maybe it needs to be resized or reshaped just a bit to get that perfect look. After this, you should be all set.

Be confident in your logo. This is the image that sets your business apart from all the others.