How to choose a business logo

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As insignificant as it might seem compared to other choices that a business owner has to make, choosing a business logo should never been taken lightly: this tiny graphic will represent you and your brand for years to come, so take your time when making a pick.

Sure, you can always change your logo later on, but you should avoid doing so – brands are all about recognizability and it’s far easier to achieve it when your logo stays one and the same. Think about it: most widespread brands have stuck to the same logo for years or even decades, which undoubtedly contributed to their fame and success. One of our clients, Boerne Tree Service Pros, went through the following steps to finalize their own logo.

Choosing a logo for your business

When choosing your own logo, the first thing you should probably get out of the way is: simple or complex? Both options have their pros and cons, so think about your business type when making this choice.

While they can always be put to great use, simple business logos work best for those with traditional businesses: sellers, craftsmen and so forth. If you’re offering a clear-cut service, a simple logo can do a lot more than a complicated one.

On the other hand, if your business is more nuanced and offers services that aren’t as commonly-found, you stand to benefit a good deal from having a multilayered logo. Having a more complex design will captivate people’s attention and get them thinking about the logo and its meaning – if you need to come off as intellectual or thoughtful, a complex logo is a great start.

Once you’ve chosen a level of complexity, it’s time to pour a part of your personality into the logo. Try and have the logo reflect some positive qualities that your business has – if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to go about this, perhaps a professional designer can help translate your thoughts and feelings into a terrific logo.

Do-overs and not rushing anything

An important thing to remember when creating a logo for any type of business is to take it slow. Think about it: your logo could be the second face of your brand for many years to come – do you really want to rush its creation?

If you chose to work with a graphic designer, pick someone who won’t mind creating dozens of different logos on the way to perfection (without charging you too much for extras!). If you’re making the logo yourself, set aside more than a few hours for do-overs and experimentation – you’ll be glad you took your time once the logo is up and running.

As already noted, most logos are here to stay: while a business logo can be changed at any point of a person’s entrepreneurial venture, it’s best to stick with the same graphic for as long as you’re running your brand. Hence, putting more time than seems necessary into logo creation will definitely pay itself off in the future – if nothing, you won’t have to feel regret every time you see your brand name and the logo that accompanies it.