How much should a business logo cost and why

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Business owners are always dealing with expenses: planned, unplanned and everything in-between. This is one of the main reasons why running a business is so challenging – if you don’t know how to manage your finances, your business can quickly go negative and drive you into debt.

Logo creation isn’t what most would consider an expensive service. That being said, certain designers can ask for a pretty penny to do the job, promising to make a logo that will last. But is the price really worth it? One way to get a logo done is to find something that will work with small modifications at a logo website like Brand Crowd. Let’s look into what some other alternatives are…

General logo prices

Like with any job involving graphical design, it’s hard to say exactly how much a professional logo will cost you. In general, logo prices move somewhere between $10-$30, although certain designers might end up asking for hundreds of dollars to make your logo. Why such a disparity?

Well, graphic designers price their services based on how sought-after they think they are as well as their credentials: a graphic designer with a history of high-profile jobs will definitely ask a lot more than someone who’s just starting out but is nonetheless talented.

Therefore, when buying a business logo, you’re mostly paying for the professional’s name rather than the picture itself since most logos are created in a short amount of time. If you have a big budget for your startup and want the best possible logo, you can consider working with a professional who charges more – this is most advisable for those wanting a complex and multifaceted logo that involves a lot of colors and shapes seamlessly woven together.

Keep one thing in mind, though: no matter the professional you’re working with, you should expect to get at least a couple of logos before deciding on a final design. No decent logo maker works in a one-and-done capacity, so be sure to ask about this before paying anything.

If you’re unwilling or unable to pay for a good logo, don’t worry – there are alternatives to working with a professional.

Taking care of the logo yourself

As difficult as logo creation can sound to someone without any design experience, it’s really not that big of a deal. Those following a DIY approach have multiple ways of creating a logo that won’t rob them of their hard-earned money.

The best and most effective way is to create a logo from scratch in one of the many photo editing programs out there – this will give you the most control over your logo, potentially granting even better results than you would get from working with a professional. Of course, using this type of software isn’t easy and a novice can quickly get overwhelmed by the endless features that a program like Photoshop offers.

If you lack the know-how necessary to work with a professional design tool, consider a simpler variant of the software or use one of the many logo-designing websites out there – these will take care of most of the process for you, giving good results with minimum input on your part. As handy as they are, though, they don’t offer a lot of creative control, meaning you’ll definitely want to use proper software if you have a clear vision of what your logo should look like.