3 places to get a logo online

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As a business owner, you always have a choice when developing your brand: you can either hire professionals to help you do it or you can take care of the job yourself.

Logo creation stands among the easier things to do when starting out with a business. That’s not to say that creating a good logo is easy – more that you won’t need to amass a great deal of technical knowledge to try.

If you aren’t yet familiar with popular photo editing software and don’t know how to operate it, don’t worry: there are websites out there that simplify logo creation as much of possible, with many of them even doing the task for free.

Here’s an overview of 3 decent logo-making websites along with their features.

Logoshi: Logoshi differs from the majority of logo-making sites in terms of the input required by the user: instead of taking care of everything for you, Logoshi will let you have control over the graphics and will simply add your brand name to the sketch that you’ve created. Obviously, this has its good and bad sides: if you have a penchant for drawing, you might find Logoshi’s service of great use as you won’t have to worry about where to insert the brand name. But if you can’t draw a thing, working on Logoshi might prove difficult and yield subpar results, making the site ideal for those with a bit of an artistic side. Still, no matter the category you fall in, it doesn’t hurt to try – at the very least, you’ll have a good bit of fun. Like many competing websites, Logoshi is free and lets you create as many logos as you want on your way to the perfect one.

Spaces: Spaces provides a nice contrast to Logoshi by offering to take care of everything for you – it’s the perfect logo website for those who can’t draw (or can’t bother to). Spaces really makes it simple by offering a bunch of shapes and images and letting you pick and choose the ones you’d like for your logo: to better style the image in accordance with your line of work, Spaces will provide a mini-questionnaire related to what your business is all about. In terms of simplicity, you can’t get much better, although nothing’s perfect: Spaces can definitely feel prohibitive to those looking to make a very specific logo and if you have your mind set on something it’s probably best you use another logo creator. For those wanting to keep things simple and focus on other aspects of running a business, however, Spaces will come as a relief and will let you create a decent logo without much hassle and no extra charges.

Logaster: This website works similar to Spaces in that it asks a bunch of questions about your business and then tries to generate appropriate logos based on the input received – no fuss, no hassle. If you feel that Spaces lacks the imagery you’d like, it’s worth giving Logaster a shot – the site also helps create various other business-related designs such as business cards. Keep in mind, though, that while the basic service of the site is free, you’ll need to pay $10 to obtain the full-size version of a logo you’ve created.