Why a Good Logo is Important

Yes, it IS Important!

So why is a good-looking logo for your business so important? Well, to start, it will be one of the first things people think of when your business’ name gets brought up. Many brands like to have a moto that relates to their logo as well, connecting the image to words to make their business even more recognizable. If you are just now looking at creating a great logo for your business, you need to keep it simple and memorable.

People really will judge your business based on the logo. If the logo looks cheaply designed and doesn’t really fit in with the name of the business, people will be quick to judge to seriousness and quality of your business. This is something you do not want to happen. A great way to avoid this is to either create some logo designs yourself or have someone make you a few different options that you can choose from. Feedback from people you know is also vital when making a final decision

So why is it important to have a simple, yet memorable design for your logo? Well, this sets a sense of quality to your business. You want people to see the logo and think about how professional your business is. To do this, keep the logo simplistic with only up to three colors. Any more colors and you may be trying a bit too hard. Sometimes a nice one or two-color logo goes a long way. Also think about having the logo represent what your business does. If you have a garage door repair business, then incorporate some sort of garage door or car into the logo. Try to think of the images that come to mind when you think about garage doors and repairs.

Connecting the picture of your logo to the words in your business name is just as important as having a simple and effective logo. You have to pick images that represent what you do, but don’t clutter the logo space with too much, otherwise it may begin to look cheap and unorganized. People will always judge a business just a bit by its logo. Having an exceptionally attractive logo can set your business apart from the others. The more professional your logo looks, the more likely you are to get some business based solely off of people seeing your logo. Having a great logo is an easy way to improve the look of your business and in turn, get more customers.

The Steps to Creating a Great Logo

Ok, so you want to create a logo for your business that is attractive and looks professional. You want to keep it simple, but also make it something a little bit unique. The logo should represent your business well and have meaning to it. Whenever someone looks at your logo, they think of your business right away. To accomplish all of the things that a logo is meant to do, there are steps that you will need to take in order to create the perfect logo.

The Steps to Creating a Great Logo

The first step is to talk with your business partners or employees if you have any. They can give you some valuable tips to making a great logo, and even if their advice isn’t perfect, it is still better to get some advice rather than none at all. If you are creating the business yourself and don’t really have anyone to discuss it with other than the designer, then try looking at other businesses like yours. Their logos should clue you into the things that could work in your design and will definitely give you a clue as to what not to use in your logo.

The next step in creating a great logo is to look around in the industry that you are entering. Look at who your main customers will be. Are they teenagers or are they adults with homes and families. Your logo should appeal to your main market. If it’s a mix of all ages, then create a logo that is modern enough but still retains an older feel to it that can appeal to the different customers you will serve. But don’t just focus on the age. Look at the things that happen in your industry as well. What are some of the trends that have stuck around in the industry for quite some time? Identify what people think of when they hear the name of the industry your business is set in and work off of that.

Next is to think about what your logo is going to put on. Is it going to put on work trucks, shirts, stickers, or maybe just the front of your store. Whatever the case may be, you need to design your logo in a way that will fit all of the applications that your logo will be used for. If the logo needs to be designed in a compact way, then be sure to keep it simple and confined to a limited area and shape.

Next comes the sketching and drafting for the design. If you are creating the logo yourself, just grab some graph paper and get to work just drawing out some designs that you think fit your business. If someone else is designing it for you, just let them do the sketching, and you can later choose which ones look best.

The last step is to simply refine the look of the logo, maybe give it some nice shading or a 3D look and you’re all set. Be sure to test the logo on all of the applications that your logo will be used for. If it doesn’t quite fit, then maybe it needs to be resized or reshaped just a bit to get that perfect look. After this, you should be all set.

Be confident in your logo. This is the image that sets your business apart from all the others.

Key things to keep in mind when designing a logo

While you might feel tempted to make light of logo creation, resist it: business logos are a lot more meaningful than most realize.

A good business logo will never stop working for you and will help attract more leads year-round: a poorly-designed logo will actually deter customers from doing business with you.

To make sure your logo serves as the perfect representation of your business, here are some things to keep in mind no matter the exact type of logo you’re making. Here is another example from a client, Boerne Painting Pros… Let’s look at the process of what you need to do.

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3 places to get a logo online

As a business owner, you always have a choice when developing your brand: you can either hire professionals to help you do it or you can take care of the job yourself.

Logo creation stands among the easier things to do when starting out with a business. That’s not to say that creating a good logo is easy – more that you won’t need to amass a great deal of technical knowledge to try.

If you aren’t yet familiar with popular photo editing software and don’t know how to operate it, don’t worry: there are websites out there that simplify logo creation as much of possible, with many of them even doing the task for free.

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How to choose a business logo

As insignificant as it might seem compared to other choices that a business owner has to make, choosing a business logo should never been taken lightly: this tiny graphic will represent you and your brand for years to come, so take your time when making a pick.

Sure, you can always change your logo later on, but you should avoid doing so – brands are all about recognizability and it’s far easier to achieve it when your logo stays one and the same. Think about it: most widespread brands have stuck to the same logo for years or even decades, which undoubtedly contributed to their fame and success. One of our clients, Boerne Tree Service Pros, went through the following steps to finalize their own logo.

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How much should a business logo cost and why

Business owners are always dealing with expenses: planned, unplanned and everything in-between. This is one of the main reasons why running a business is so challenging – if you don’t know how to manage your finances, your business can quickly go negative and drive you into debt.

Logo creation isn’t what most would consider an expensive service. That being said, certain designers can ask for a pretty penny to do the job, promising to make a logo that will last. But is the price really worth it? One way to get a logo done is to find something that will work with small modifications at a logo website like Brand Crowd. Let’s look into what some other alternatives are…

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